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Board & Staff

Our staff is committed to serving the many constituents of PAI. First and foremost, we focus on providing professional, caring service to the people we support.

Our board has a passion for our organization and the people we serve. The members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization, oversee that the funds we receive directly affect the people we serve, and ensure the services we provide have a positive impact on the people we serve.

Program Sites Program Director Phone
PAI-Commerce Cortney Kelly, 651-747-8740
PAI-Linden Kennedy Smith, 651-777-5622
PAI-Oakdale Kennedy Smith, 651-777-5622
PAI-Parkway Cortney Kelly, 651-426-2484
Administrative Office

President Mike Miner, 651-846-9278
Chief Operating Officer Alicia McCallum, 651-846-9279
Director of Individualized Home Supports & Respite Jessica Anderson, 612-446-3499
Admission & Training Manager Megan Duffy, 651-846-9274
Human Resources Manager Jean Smith, 651-846-9273
Accounting Manager Tammy Hilliard, 651-846-9277
Communications Coordinator Jade Gomez, 651-846-9271
Billing Specialist Melissa Richards, 651-846-9276
Board of Directors

Board Chair John Kuhrmeyer
Vice Chair Tom Gibson
Treasurer Jay Breidinger
Director Cliff Hanson
Director Greg Holly
Director Ben Kappelman
Director Kim Strantz
Finance Committee Chris Vitek
Program/Operations Committee Nick Cedergren
Program/Operations Committee Mike Amon
President Mike Miner

Corporate Sponsors, Employment Partners, and Philanthropic Supporters

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