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What Others Say…

Working with PAI has been a great asset to our company! They have a wonderful group of individuals that are very eager to work, and are very dedicated to what they do for us. We are very proud to be working with PAI and look forward to a great, long-lasting relationship! ~ Nate Thompson, Thompson Brother’s Great Scrape

I feel fortunate to be partners with PAI; in addition to quick turn around and service with a smile, PAI helps me fulfill my mission by providing cost savings to our customers and opportunities for meaningful work to the persons served at PAI – a real win-win partnership. ~Wendy Benson, CLA Community Mailings

I just love everyone there for making our world a better place. ~Garrett B, nephew, age 10

Thank you for inviting us to the PAI breakfast.  I was profoundly affected by the dedication and love of everyone involved. ~Bob B., sibling

We appreciate the staff and how they get Nicky involved in the arts, hands on activities, and community experiences.

~Terri and Dwight Milligan, parents

We are happy with our choice because we feel that both Joe and Molly are given opportunities to be the best they can be.

~ Barb Harnett, parent

PAI’s strongest asset is the high level of competent and caring staff.

~Patty Turbes-Mohs, Sister of clients

“PAI is doing transformational work with members of the most vulnerable adult population on Earth. It is a great honor to be working with them….”

~ Tom Hegg, New York Times Bestselling Author and Breck School Master Teacher

PAI assembles over 90 gift baskets each month for us.  They are efficient, well crafted and affordable.  PAI makes our business run smooth.

~ Mark Moroney, President Corporate 1st Impression

I believe PAI is doing everything in their power to make people’s lives exceptional. ~ parent

PAI helps me succeed at work. ~ client

PAI helped fill a gap in our employment needs with great reliability. ~ Nancy Jacobson, Jacobson’s Pine Tree Apple Orchard

PAI staff know clients well and there is low staff turnover. ~ County Case Manager

I keep coming to PAI because you are wonderful to me, I enjoy it, and I feel like part of the PAI family.  ~Betty, Volunteer

PAI is flexible and open to ideas. ~ parent

PAI gives him a sense of belonging and community. ~parent

Where People with Disabilities Connect with the Community and the World

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Latest Updates

Welcome to PAI

Phoenix Alternatives Inc. Day Training Programs is now PAI

As is the nature of most organizations, over the course of years, identities often evolve and grow.  This has been our experience at PAI.  In 2012 we thought it was time to reflect that growth and evolution by refreshing both our name and logo. The restatement of our name was easy, over our 23 years of service our name Phoenix Alternatives, Inc. has gradually become identified by its abbreviation “PAI”.  The new logo was a little tougher.  We wanted the new logo to capture both our rich history while at the same time reflect the depth of growth guiding us today and into the future.  We think the new logo does just that; it embodies the transformational spirit of our dynamic history, reflects today’s exciting journey while, at the same time, guiding us toward an even more inspired tomorrow.

PAI’s day training programs transform the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities through possibilities and inspirations.  We see the potential in each individual and are inspired by the array of possibilities.   We work with them to maximize integration into their communities.

Established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) day training and habilitation program to serve adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, we are committed to offering a broad range of customized services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

With several locations in Ramsey and Washington counties, PAI offers services to clients in surrounding communities. Since 1990, our partnerships with the business community, schools and recreational resources have generated strong support and enhanced job opportunities.

Our board of directors and staff are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.  We continually strive to maximize our resources to enhance the potential of adults with disabilities.

Help Move the PAI Dude

The Dude

PAI connects people with disabilities to the community and the world , many who have limited mobility.  Like  many we serve, the PAI Dude has no independent  mode of transportation.  Despite this lack of  mobility and with people’s help, PAI Dude has been visiting local hot-spots and venturing out into the world!

PAI Dude needs your help.  The people we work with  would love to follow PAI Dude’s travels as he moves around the world.  With your help, who knows where The PAI Dude will show up next!

To check out pictures of the PAI Dude’s travels and to learn how you can get involved, visit us on our Facebook page.


Success Stories

Larry’s Story

Music makes a difference for Larry

Larry has had a difficult time with music therapy sessions in the past.    Many different therapists have tried, but nothing seemed to work.  He expressed himself in a way that indicated it was upsetting to him and he would refuse to participate.

We were all surprised and delighted to discover that Larry has responded amazingly well to the new music therapist’s style of teaching.  Not only did he stay in the room for the entire session, he also began picking up instruments to play along!   This is something that Larry had never done before.